About us

Dorema was founded 1986 and is now located in Gränna, near Jönköping in the southern part of Sweden. During the first years of the company´s existence close relationships were established with several independent consultants for assistance regarding manufacturing technology, printing technology, legal matters and exporting. 

Doremas line of business is the production and sale of various index tab system for use in directories, regulations, product catalogues and books. The trade name is U-TAB and are sold either directly to bookstores for resale to consumers or directly to companies which have ordered U-TAB for their own publication.  Apart from the Scandinavian countries Dorema has delivered U-TAB to several European countries. 

The U-TAB packages is today designed to more effectively meet the European market.

With U-TAB Dorema offers customers a variety of standard products which have been developed over the years. Customers may also design their own U-TABs to suit their particular needs and enhance their publications.